Rajadhiraja yoga classes: 

Therapeutic and spiritual yoga classes. Yogic exercises, breathwork, self massage, guided relaxation and meditation.



Seven Week Chakra Yoga Course.

In this unique yoga course Shanta will offer her knowledge of the chakra system and how it relates to our lives. She will also give you practices that balance and activate each chakra, helping you reach your full potential.

 The full course is £85

“Shanta is an incredibly gifted yoga teacher. Her yoga classes are in a league of their own. The way she speaks, her knowledge, her guidance and inspiration, all these combine to create a precious, timeless space. When I come out I feel enlivened and peaceful, exactly as I’d like to feel all the time! Thank you, Shanta, your classes are a real gift to the world. I’m coming back for more!” Oona Alexander, Kings Langley
“I thoroughly enjoyed the 7 week course. Thank you, for the introduction into the world of yoga.
I was sceptical when I first joined as I wasn’t sure yoga was my thing but the classes really helped me relax and focus.  I was tension free and energised in a good way after each class.  I looked forward to the weekly session and I am glad I was able to experience them.  It was my time to escape and reflect and the classes were well structured with the introduction to the chakras.” Debbie


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