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Holistic healing with Shanta


In these sessions Shanta will explore with you if you need healing for a specific part of your life. You will be supported to create an intention for that healing and Shanta will help you align with that intention energetically. She uses Energy clearing, Chakra balancing and Interdimensional healing using natural elements and healing frequencies. Book an appointment by emailing shantathors@gmail.com

If you are experiencing any physical, mental or emotional difficulty Holistic Healing will help you. You will come to understand your problem better, you will release it from your energy system and you will have clarity and the ability to move forward!

Price: £60 (75 mins)
Location: a venue in Frome, Somerset
Availability: Please contact me at least a week in advance to make a booking



My View on Healing


What is healing? Healing is when one clears blocks in ones path of evolution, in any of the different layers of ones being. Healing is bringing light or love where it is needed. It takes many forms but it is the process of bringing about harmony and balance in our being or environment. The purpose of healing is to align one‘s mind, body and actions with one‘s soul purpose. Healing assists a person on their journey because it integrates the parts that have come out of alignment with their highest truth.

Healing has many stages. It starts when one has learned or experienced what the soul wanted from a particular condition, then one becomes ready to change it and Source Consciousness provides opportunities to heal. This happens first in the subtler layers of ones being. Then it might take the form of new awareness or an awakening in other layers. Shining the light of ones consciousness on a particular part of ones life, coming to understand and know oneself better, leads to a positive change in the lower levels of ones being.

Healing can also be movement of life force energy where there has been stagnancy. In that case a person might experience desease or discomfort in the body. Bringing new positive energy to an area results in better health and wellbeing.



Healing the physical body

Healing the body can be done with the right diet, exercise, having moderate sun exposure, being in clean atmosphere and drinking clean water as well as natural remedies, energy healing and many other positive daily habits. Healing modalities that affect the mind and emotions will also affect the body. Using yoga asanas, mudras, bandhas and dances in the right way can bring about profound healing in the body as well as in the mind and emotions. The body does not like sudden change so creating an environment of love, safety and low stress is the best way to heal physical trauma, along with a gentle physical therapy on a regular basis.


Healing the emotional body

“When healing the emotional body one has to be a true scientist. Investigate the feelings. Find out what is generating them. See how they move in the body. What triggers them? What is the relationship between the body, mind and emotions? What belief systems are involved? In order to heal the emotional body, in short one must fully feel, experience and express ones emotions, while at the same time remaining detached and viewing them from a higher perspective. “ (p. 51, Soul integration, Sal Rachele). “The solution to healing emotional trauma depends on the facts and circumstances that contributed to it, but loving and accepting all parts of the self is at the core of healing.“ (P. 213, Soul integration).

In my experience spiritual counselling, parts work, clinical hypnotherapy, EFT and other methods of energy psychology and shadow work are useful in healing the emotional body.


Healing the mental body

When healing the mind one must first expand ones ideas of what is present. Learn and explore new ways of looking at and understanding ones reality. Then when one has realized new truths one can train the mind to think differently. Healing the mind can be done with a counsellor that has gained awareness and knowledge of how the mind works. In parts work one can come to know ones subpersonalities that were created most often in childhood and belief systems and thought patterns that came from ones experiences. That process helps to disidentify with the problems of the ego and to know a deeper part of oneself. Byron Katie has presented a useful way of healing the mind and emotions in her process called “The Work“. Some of the best ways to heal core negative beliefs (the subconscious mind) are hypnotherapy, NLP, guided meditations and affirmations. Additional methods that heal the mind and emotions are cathartic release, primal breathing, kundalini or tantrik meditation and different yogic body-mind-breath exercises. The crude mind, the chattering mind that is identified with the many forms of doing and feeling is a mask of ones true identity and the ultimate experience of peace. So pealing off the layers of illusions in the mind brings about healing and integration.


Healing the subtle bodies

The original cause of problems sometimes resides in the causal planes, issues or samskaras that are carried between lifetimes. Some core issues come from the original experience of descension into the lower dimensions. Based on my research and what has resonated with me, our souls intention was to gather experiences that were in contrast to what we knew we were, in order to come back to and fully experience what we are. Karma means action but is often refered to as the law of action-reaction, the energy of that which is sent out will be attracted back in some form. Using this description of karma we can say it is the souls lessons in the lower worlds to become conscious of what we create with our actions and finally free ourselves from the ego‘s identification with action. Samskaras, the seeds of ones unfulfilled reactions, are stored in the causal layer but can be perceived in the other layers of self. In the causal self is the blueprint of a souls intention for that lifetime and can include soul agreements and contracts, imprints and implants. Healing the causal self can be done with a meditation and a healing intervention that clears the original pain and all that came from it. This aligns ones mind and body with the higher levels of ones being.

After the causal layer of self the problems can appear in the etheric body or the electromagnetic body, the chakras, energy channels and aura. A person with psychic abilities can percieve those problems as blocks in energy or dark patches. The chakras are psycho-spiritual centres. They are vortices of energy where the energy currents, called nadis, cross. Mainly the Ida, Pingala and Sushumna nadis. They are located along the spine and in the head. The chakras are connected to the endocrine system in the body and the nervous system. According to a samskara a chakra stimulates a gland or subgland to secrete hormones and with that a propensity arises in the mind. Each chakra governs a certain part of the body and holds certain propensities, called vrittis. Vritti means distortion, so the propensities are alterations of the original peaceful state of consciousness. They are desires and emotions that propel the mind in a certain direction and out of complete equilibrium. These tendencies can be expressed internally or externally and in different directions. Some yoga asanas balance the hormonal secretions of the glands and thus with practice one can balance the mental and emotional tendencies.

When healing the subtler layers of ones being one can use an intension that is in alignment with Source Consciousness. It has to be guided by intuition and understanding of the issue and followed by a visualization or a healing modality that shift energy.



The best way I have found to bring about healing is working with all levels of our being and mainly a meditation that connects us to Source consciousness.

My mission is to help people on their path and to raise the vibration of this planet. To help people release their blocks and to expand to their full potential. I do that through my courses, spiritual counselling, healing work and channelling.

I am forever grateful to everyone and everything that has contributed to my spiritual evolution, knowledge and experience.

Yours in light and love, Shanta.



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