I channel four light beings while I’m in a trance state. They are a group soul complex of ascended masters. They give direct guidance on all levels of being, whatever is suitable for each individual. Mostly they help people find the their purpose, their spiritual connection and to live a happy and healthy life. I have another person sitting with me to give support to the client if needed.

Price: £70 (75 mins)

Location: Skype or a venue in Frome, Somerset

Availability: Please contact me to make a booking

This is a message from the four light beings. This message came to me during a trance state: 


We are yogic masters and we have come to guide those who want liberation from all bondage and to be united with the Creator, the source of everything. We will guide everyone on whatever level they need guidance on and we will help bring them to the path of their highest happiness and bliss so they will feel satisfied in the essence of their being, their soul.

This is so they can express their highest potential in their life and offer their unique gifts to this world on whatever level they can offer service in. This is our purpose here. We are beings of light. We are vibrational thoughts forms that came from the Cosmic mind. We have travelled the universe and done the same thing in many different places. We have lived through the cycle of creation in the ancient past. And when we merged with our Creator we then decided to come back as thought forms and help bring others to the highest path. The path of liberation. We work through Shanta because of her pure mind and her ability to raise her frequency. We also offer vibrational support in other areas of this world. We have left our vibrational imprint in other places in this universe. This vibration will benefit those who come to that place.

“I can help you experience peace by coming to know yourself and empowerment by being able to express your true self in the world.”

Shanta Thors


Shanta’s energy was beautiful and light. I loved the reading experience as it was unlike anything I’ve experienced before. I didn’t feel time pressured and had time to ask my questions. I would love to have further readings with her and would highly recommend to others. Natalia

It gives me great pleasure to have this opportunity to share my experience with Shanta as a trance medium, and a light bearer in general. We have been on a journey together for nearly seven years, as partners, parents and soul mates. My understanding of the term, soul mate, is that on a soul level we have chosen to work together through transitions towards our highest soul purpose and expression on this planet at this time. Much of my clarity in this context is a direct attribute of Shanta’s passion to be and to serve the light in all of us. Perhaps the reason we chose to be on this journey together is that we reflect this passion in each other. My path as an artist pushes me through regular healing opportunities. My determination to release myself from causal separation trauma and belief systems is fuelled by an unstoppable urge to share messages of hope and truth in my paintings. When Shanta first started channelling her four spirit guides, I was not present. It was difficult for a part of me to accept. But when I first felt their vibration, in a session at our home in Iceland, when they first addressed me by name and reminded me of who I was, of what I am here to do, and what I must work through to do it, I could not hold back the tears. Sometimes in the dark night of my mind, aloneness is the only reality. Shanta’s guides always lift that veil, with such a profound gentleness. Over the years we have received so much encouragement and guidance in these sessions, on all levels, as parents and partners. But it’s hard to imagine my individual journey as a messenger without the support of Shanta and her group soul complex. It is humbling and empowering to reflect on the blessings and practices that I have received from her to be a channel myself. From living with her and knowing her intimately, I have come to realise that she is not separate from her guides or the light that she emanates in her deep trance like states. She is not just a channel for higher messages from higher beings. She is a part of something too vast for one physical form, a part that serves as a connection from the vastness we all are, to this planet and its inhabitants at this time. It is a great honour to witness and support her work with so many individuals. A part of her is also on a journey of ascension from the limited consciousness we all seem identified with. It seems like she has chosen to do this to set an example. She is such an inspiration!

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