Shanta Thors

Shanta has always been aware of the spiritual reality and could connect to other dimensions from an early age. Her own path of self-healing led her to explore different spiritual practices, holistic health and techniques of emotional healing. Shanta completed yogic lifestyle trainings in 2005 and 2007 where the emphasis was on tantric meditations, asanas, fasting and other practices. During this time she first experienced a connection to the spirit guides she later started channelling.

Her awareness and understanding of the body, mind, emotions and spirit has been constantly growing. Shanta has learned and relearned through different life experiences, from other spiritual teachers, holistic healing courses and from guides on the spiritual plane many healing methods and practices to self-realization and self-actualization. She would like to share those with you and assist you on your journey through life.

“I want to share with you the bliss of healing
and the freedom of clearing limited patterns.”

Shanta Thors

My Spiritual Journey


My spiritual journey began with an exploration of mystical realities about fourteen years ago. I was born with extrasensory abilities, so I can see and feel how things and people vibrate at different frequencies. This is usually according to what is going on within them and their environment. I also percieve past lives and possible future scenarious. My parents had come together on spiritual terms but following their separation when I was two years old, I experienced some traumatic situations. Fear and isolation lead to emotional break downs during my childhood and teenage years. All this lay the foundation to my own healing journey.

I found my spiritual path through the ancient powerful practices of Tantra yoga, as they are taught in the spiritual movement Ananda Marga. I became a devotee of the innermost and all pervading loving Consciousness. I discovered I could, through these meditations, experience samadhi, merging with that Supreme Consciousness, and therefore reach very high states of bliss. I developed an intense longing to serve that Supreme Being and with that I was committed to unravel and fulfill my highest purpose.


My Healing Journey


Due to my own emotional wounds I was guided to start my own healing. I ventured into deep self exploration through the twelve step programs and with that I first attempted to bridge the gap between my spiritual reality and my worldly experience. I later discovered that this was a part of my purpose here, to become a whole sovereign being. The other part of my purpose was to raise the frequency on this planet through transmitting high vibrations along with spiritual guidance to individuals or groups in a high state of consciousness.
I became passionate about healing and researched many holistic healing methods, where the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels were included. My heart was and is still in the yogic tradition, so I became a Rajadhiraja yoga teacher. I also explored herbal medicine and holistic nutrition. When I was ready I became a trance medium, channeling in the 10th dimension, my group soul complex of yogic avatars. With that practice I found I had bridged the gap between the higher dimensions and the lower dimensions.


Training as a healer


I wanted to use my experience in self healing to help other people. First I became an NLP practicioner and then I found the Holistic Healing College when I moved to England with my English partner and two children. The modalities I learned on the spiritual counsellor course in the HHC gave me the tools I needed to work with other people and facilitate their healing. I learnt with methods like parts work that one can understand different parts of oneself that need healing and integration. With hypnotherapy one can clear core negative beliefs and change emotional patterns and behaviour. EFT and other methods of energy psychology can give instant relief or even change difficult experiences. Life coaching can help people move forward in life to their purpose and to create the most fulfilling life they can have.


Dedication to self awareness and self development


At the heart of my practice as a spiritual counsellor is my connection to Source Consciousness, and my hearts longing to relieve suffering in this world. Having realized we are multidimensional beings and with the yogic ideology that the human potencial is unlimited happiness, I understand that the process of spiritual counselling is to release that which stands in the way of that happiness and to unravel the unique gift each individual has to offer this world. I feel that in order to be able to assist others on their path of self realization and self actualization, the more self awareness and self knowledge one has, the better. That is why I am dedicated to self awareness and self development. My life is centered around spirituality and only that which moves me and others towards liberation from all bondage is a part of my life.


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